Problems Facing Digital Agencies

Growing pains within Digital Agency Birmingham occur especially in digital marketing due to these persistent problems. Firstly, there are new skills required in digital agencies and talent has become difficult to access, secondly, proving ROI from digital marketing agencies is unclear and finally when opening company wallets and contributing more budgets to digital agency Birmingham marketing it becomes difficult to convince senior managers or decision-makers to convince them.

Collecting the Right Talent

Universities are still teaching old studies instead of engaging students to more practical studies that will benefit them in this changing technological world. Therefore, even students graduating with knowledge in digital agencies are poorly trained in effective modern digital marketing. This affects the growth of digital agencies greatly. The solution to this issue offering training courses to new hires and those new to the digital agency tactics in an agency’s website so as to ensure that a website does not stifle in competition. A research conducted once proved that business that thrive and succeed offer training services to their new employees.


This issue has been consistent for a very long time. As far from impossible as it may seem, figuring out the ROI from digital agencies marketing can be time consuming. In a digital business agency two key figures have to be calculated in any business these are customer acquisition cost and lifetime value. The solution to this issue is using an ROI template to clearly assess your digital agency, prove its reduction cost-per-lead and also increasing the quality of visitors in a website.

Financial Constraints

Research conducted has proved that investing in digital marketing will continually grow over the years coming. However, this does not show that the actual quantity of budgeting will be large. Additionally measuring the ROI of the agencies marketing campaign effects is not always clear. The solution to this problem is by proving that certain activities and tactics will get a company more customers and also reduce the cost of acquiring those customers.